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It is time to start our campaign for March for Babies 2013. We walk in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives due to prematurity. We walk in remembrance of one very special little boy, Tyler Donald Wood. Tyler is the son of Danielle Romano, our team captain.

Tyler was born premature, at 30 weeks gestation. He was born with Long QT syndrome, due to this syndrome he had to have a pacemaker at 2 months old. Tyler was born with several health conditions. Tylerís battle was lost at 9 months.

We walk to help others born early, hopefully not have to go through what Danielle had to with her son. We fight to prevent prematurity.

Team Dedication is asking you for your help in our fight. We ask that you donate anything you can to help us, help them. Team Dedication is seeking for new team members, so anyone interested in joining our team, please call Danielle Romano at (570) 268-4725.

To donate to our team you can click this website or you can give cash or check to Danielle Romano or Nikki Jenner

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Press Release
January 7, 2013
Contact: Jeff Russell 268-2444