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Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Love Light Tree Recognition

Each year Memorial Hospital's Auxiliary sponsors a Love Light Tree event during the holidays. Anyone can sponsor a light on the Love Light Tree in memory or in honor of a loved one. A meaningful Love Light Tree lighting ceremony was held Friday, December 6, 2013 in the hospital lobby, including the reading of names, followed by cookies and hot chocolate.

Debbie Fairchild was this year's Love Light Honoree. She was recognized for her 40 years of service in various capacities at the hospital.

The Love Light Tree is a symbol of love. It is a meaningful way for people to express their affection or gratitude for a friend, relative or for a special someone who has touched their life. The names of the recipients are placed on the hospital lobby tree either to honor or in memory of that individual or couple.

Here are the recipients for the 2013 Holiday Season:

Love Lights in Honor
Debbie Fairchild, Rosa Shafer, Mary Squires Getz, Maternity Center Staff, Ruth Aronson, Colleen Close, Beatrice Johnson, Staff of Personal Care Home, Staff of Home Health and Hospice, Staff of Speech Therapy, Staff of Pediatric Therapy, Staff of Wellness and Occupational Health, Staff of Nurse Family Partnership, Patty Dawsey, Linda Ferrario, Bob Farrario, Ruth Squires, Betty Hillis, R. Gary Otis; Dylan, Dawson and Emilee Otis; Carlyn, Collin and Creighton Edsell; Alex & Ayden Hunsinger, Diane Place, Ruth Squires, Genny Ennis, Gordon Ford, Bert Williams

Love Lights in Memory
Virginia & Bob Weingartner, Stephen Shafer, Rube Kinney, Lois Lockhart, John & Nelda Schoonover, Bela & Rose Simon, Stanley & Mary Latocha, Philip & Christian Cavagnaro, Loved Ones, Nettie Goodrich, Roseanna Squires Allen, Virginia Squires Hillis, Brian R. Shaner, Ida C. Thrasher, Stanley Parks, Wm. Lane Johnston, Meikah Gruver, Jeanne & Paul Shay, Joseph Terascavage, Ted Solowiej, Helen Terascavage, Neal Williams, Olin Canfield Jr., Shirley Secules, William Todd Secules, Naomi Koellner, Andrea Kissell, Lang Dayton, Michael N. Brutzman, Betty & Harold Shaffer, Grepa & Doris Wise, Jason Bennett, Clifton Bennett, Joe Marlin, George Long, All Cancer Victims, Fred Schram, Mary Laux Schram, Esther Karpauitz, Bob Karpauitz, Robert S. Vanderpool, Payton Zachary Milliron, Harlan Williams, Charles Voorheer, Elfrieda Voorhees, Peter Larsen, Michael Flannery, S. Sgt. Sean Flannery, Dr. Charles R. Wolfe, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Wolfe, George R. Rohrer, Lon Sebring, Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Rohrer, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sebring, Katie Marie Russell, James H. Nichols, Richard Spencer, Sr., Robert L. Butts, Charlotte Urso, Stanley H. Patten, Beatrice Patten, Lester Slater, Matilda Slater, Edith Tompkins, Lena Huffman, Theresa & Melbourne Huffman, Jean & June Stevens, Joe & Emily Kinsley, Ralph & Retha Meteer, Vernon Johnson, Harry Whipple, Gertrude Whipple, Ruth Eberlin, Jim Reed, LaVerne Barto, Gerald Woodruff, John Boyanowski, Virginia Handley, Burdell Quail, Mike Quail, Ellery & Eleanor Quail, Rush & Lena McCarty, Gen Sager, Joe Taffee, Richard R. Spencer, Nancy C. Spencer, Mary Jane Galick, Anna Belle Harris, Edward Fox, John Calaman, Bob Farley, Emil J. Mehalchick, Mort Gerson, Raymond L. Lewis, William & Flora Burgess, Charles & Ethel Lewis, William Packard Young, Walter S. Daron, Charles "Butch" Franklin, Cathy Jo Long, Joseph Latimer, Irma Latimer, Royal C. Champluvier, Getrude Champluvier, Henry Huffmaster, David Huffman, Richard Pousen, Harold Place, Betty Pierce, Josephine Benjamin Pelot, Emma Whitney, Carlton Lent, Shirley Lent, Dennis O'Connor, Anna Marie Williams, Chuck Driesbaugh, Leslie Bodine, Louis Dinelli, John P. Schultz, Lee Brennan, Mary Brennan, Edward McGuire, Helen McGuire, Floyd Miller, Mary Alice Miller, Fred Mount, Helen Mount, Lucy Doucette, Amos Doucette, Jane Baker, Arza Baker, Domenick Dimarcontonio, Elfriede Dimarcontonio, Kirby Abbott, John " Jack" Williams, Henry Wood Sr., Marie Cole, Robert Kinney, Deleora Kinney, Alvin Brink, Viola Brink, Clifton & Edith Allen, William H. Homet, William C. Homet, Elijah Francis Robinson, Mary Ann Crandall, Grace & Joseph Corbe, Charles & Jennie Boyle, Patricia Alazraki, Caitlin Corbe, Fred Fulda, Howard Jacoby, Suzanne V. Stenger, Hugh A. Keays, Grover & Marjorie Worthington, Susan Fiscus, Kelly Nickerson, Shirley Fulton, Charles R. Fulton, Larry Terascavage, Freddie Brink, Bill & Anne Sullivan, Tom Barrett, Tom & Mary Gwin Cowling, Alvin Ike McHale, William Lee Sullivan, Bill Kintner, Jean Hardenstine, Angelique "Sally" Allen, Jean Hardenstine, Judy Rude, Dylan Marshall, Roy Evans, Phillis Evans, Gwin & Connie Johnston, Ruthann Brown, Raymond "Gilly "Brown, C. Frederick Tompkins, Josehine Benjamin Pelot, Dolores Elchak, Mary Alice Miller, Lester Rosenberry, Lester Rosenberry III, George Edsell, Mary Edsell, Harry Fries, Jeff Chilson, Adam Chilson, Rose Lenox, Claude & Alyce Moore, Rose Lenox, Jack McGee, Alice & Hank Decker, Marion Kuykendall, Lucille Isbell, Florence Atwood, Wilmot Otis, Luella Otis, John Lynn, Emily Kinsley, "Pop" & Helen Otis, Linda McPherson, Alton Isbell, Greg Adams, Marfissa Otis, Don Hillis, Adelbert & Martha Otis, Carl Otis, Tom Otis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Preston, Ruth Foisy, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Preston, Doris Neiley Preston, Barbara Keisling Preston, Bill DeMann, Sabrina Milarta, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Howland, Robert Dibble, Harriette Dibble, Fred Maryott, James & May Mingos, Ralph & Hazel Maryott, Louis A. Maryott, Truman Brainard, Barbara Brainard, Henry Wood Sr., Vonnie Davenport, Sadie Driesbaugh, Vonnie Davenport, Carol Bedford, Sally Allen, Charles H. Space Sr., Leah Space, Tom Westbrook Sr., Agnes Mitchell, Dick Engisch, Billy & Flora Burgess, Karpauitz, Stephen D. Webster, Laura Cole Benjamin, Duane D. Allen, Mildred Sweet, Kay Ford, Dustin Middendorf, Joe Bride, Kathy Adams, Mary Ann Bailey, Charles & Blanche Kissell, Ronald DeWolf, Leota & Craig Carl, Marie Snell, Jack Coates, Ted Coates, G. Edwin Carrington, Penny Lynn Anderson, Laura Benjamin, Brian Seipler, Evelyn Wood, James Vincent, Esther (Mom) Karpauitz, Bob (Dad) Karpauitz, Laura Brink Allen, Dr. Stephen E. Becker, Phil Daly, Jane Blackman, Stella Place, Irving & Adeline Phillips, June Elizabeth Mayes, Judy Woodruff, Irma Dyer, Lori Ann Vanderpool, James Wheeler, Edward R. Vanderpool, David Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Floyd J. Cobb, Clifford & Eva Louise Allyn, Richard F. (Dick) Hall, Evelyn W. Hall, Karl Brown, Charles "Skip" Miller, Jeffrey Miller, David Buchholz, Donna Wood, George Funk, Marty Tefertiller, Lee Block, Marion Stackhouse, Lloyd Stackhouse, Lloyd Stackhouse Jr. and Kay Nolan.

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January 10, 2014
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