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Memorial Hospital Massage Therapy Center Now Offering Nail Salon Services

Melinda Manvell, Licensed Nail Technician and Massage Therapist

Memorial Hospitalís Massage Therapy Center is pleased to announce the addition of professional nail care services. The new Nail Salon is licensed by the Department of Cosmetology.

"Everybody feels better when your hands feel better," says Melinda Manvell, Memorial Hospitalís Licensed Nail Technician and Massage Therapist. "Hand and foot care is great for your health and wellbeing."

The new Nail Salon at Memorial Hospitalís Massage Therapy center offers manicures and pedicures or a combination of both to meet the needs of each client. Additional choices include a spa manicure that features exfoliation and wax dip & hand massage or spa pedicure that includes exfoliation, wax wrap and foot massage.

"Our primary goal is to provide an individual experience for each client and to exceed their expectations," says Ms. Manvell. "I have seen clients enjoy great overall health improvements through consistent overall nail care."

She also pointed out that proper nail care can become very difficult for individuals as they age. "We enjoy helping women of all ages look and feel beautiful," Ms. Manvell said.

"Everyone can benefit from a manicure or pedicure treatment," says Ms. Manvell. "It is deeply relaxing and helps relieve stress. It also promotes softer skin and enhances your appearance. Treatments on a regular basis can help prevent nail disease and disorders."

"When I began to keep my hands prettier, I noticed I felt better about myself," she said. "Manicures and pedicures make your hands & feet look and feel simply amazing."

Memorial Hospitalís Massage Therapy Center and Nail Salon are located on the hospital campus just off Hospital Drive at the Childrenís House annex, behind Williams Oil. Hours are by appointment. Please call 268-2386 for more information.

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Press Release
January 4, 2013
Contact: Jeff Russell 268-2444