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Nurse-Family Partnership Moms Rest, Relax and
Refuel Thanks to Special Spa Day

Professional massage therapists provide relaxing facial massage for Nurse-Family Partnership moms during a special Spa Day retreat.

Nurse-Family Partnership moms recently enjoyed some much-appreciated pampering thanks to a special full service "Spa Day" experience. "We were thrilled to serve twenty-two moms with services to help them feel special and give them a rare opportunity to rest, relax and enjoy some well-deserved pampering," said Desiree Rockwell, Nurse-Family Partnership Administrator.

"Parents who take time for themselves make better parents, so it is really important for these moms, who are often facing many challenges, to have a chance to emotionally refuel themselves" states Kathy Oeffner, NFP Nurse-Home Visitor/Supervisor.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a program for first-time eligible mothers. These young women are connected with a Registered Nurse who visits with them in their homes to share information, resources and support them throughout their pregnancy and their child’s most important developmental years.

The staff of Nurse-Family Partnership would like to extend gratitude to Northeast Bodyworks in Towanda who hosted the event, to Fireflies Massage Seminars who organized the licensed massage therapists and to Memorial Hospital Massage Therapy department who generously provided equipment.

At the event, Michelle Delp, Nurse-Home Visitor, shared some relaxation techniques with the new moms that they can do at home when they are feeling stressed. The techniques included such activities as deep breathing exercises, listening to soothing music and just a few minutes in a quiet room alone to gather ones thoughts.

At the next station, Julia Potter, Nurse-Home Visitor, demonstrated for participants how to make a sugar scrub from materials found in their own kitchens, including sugar, oil and spices. A sugar scrub really helps cleanse and moisturize the skin. The participants each got a small container of pumpkin pie sugar scrub to take home.

Next, the mothers enjoyed a paraffin hand dip followed by a hand massage offered by Denise Moore, Nurse-Home Visitor and Desiree Rockwell, Nurse-Family Partnership Administrator.

Finally, each had the opportunity to receive a 20 minute facial and hot stone foot massages provided by the following licensed massage therapist: Kathy Oeffner RN/LMT, Beth Fisher RN/LMT, Chelsea Karaban, LMT, Marcia Sorchik, LMT of Absolute Massage by Marcia, Maxine M. Denmon, LMT, Juanita Thompson LMT of Majik Moments of Massage, Rebekah Dulaney, LMT and Sandy Swick, RN also lent a hand.

The evening also included light refreshments, coordinated by Denise Cron, Nurse-Home Visitor. In addition each participant went home with a ‘goodie bag", with items graciously donated by Memorial Hospital staff and auxiliary. The evening also ended with several door prizes including "Thirty-One bags, and Bath and Body Works items all generously donated.

"It was a fun event. The moms really enjoyed the opportunity to be pampered" shared Claudia Piechocki, Nurse-Home Visitor.

For more information about Nurse-Family Partnership, please call 570-268-2518.

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Press Release
October 28, 2013
Contact: Jeff Russell 268-2444