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Memorial Hospital Hospice
Quilt Raffle Winner

Margaret Allen, sitting comfortably in her home with her new, recently won quilt from Memorial Hospital Hospice, is enjoying the Christmas season even more. Margaret has had her eye on the quilt, which had been in the lobby of Memorial Hospital for almost all of 2013 as one of its annual fundraising events, raising close to $900.00. Margaret purchased many tickets herself, was supplemented by her son Dan's many raffle ticket purchases and even had Kathy Fenton, a Memorial Hospital employee overseeing the quilt raffle, contributing to the cause (unbeknownst to Margaret) as Margaret just "had to win it". The quilt drawing occurred at the recent Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar on December 6th. Margaret had been in that day, asking permission to rub the quilt for good luck, and lo and behold, hospice volunteer Jackie Whitehead, reached into the pile of tickets and pulled Margaret's name! When called to inform, Margaret's reaction was of disbelief and happiness. Her intention all along was "to win that quilt for my daughter" who lives in Texas and has a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Margaret loved the colors and brightness of the quilt. The quilt was pieced together by June Welch, quilted by Carol Colwell and donated to Memorial Hospital Hospice thru the Ghent Hill Quilt Club. The quilt will be sent to Texas after the Christmas holiday to its new home that Margaret so willed it to be!

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Press Release
December 16, 2013
Contact: Jeff Russell 268-2444