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Memorial Hospital Hospice Quilt Raffle Winners

two “Pats”.

If your name is Pat, it was your lucky day…or it was for these two “Pats”. Pat McGovern, left was the winner of the Memorial Hospital Hospice Quilt raffle drawing, held at the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar. And Pat Rushin, right, was the lucky winner of the quilt rack. Both Pats hold Memorial Hospital Hospice near and dear to their hearts. Pat Rushin, is a retired nurse from Memorial Hospital and in essence wrote all the policies and procedures for Memorial’s Hospice program back in 1994. She was one of the instrumental pioneers of the current hospice program. Pat McGovern, is a long standing Memorial Hospital Hospice Volunteer. She always wanted to “give back” to hospice for the help they gave her when her husband was terminally ill and she sure has. Trudy Ventello, hospice volunteer and bereavement coordinator for Memorial Hospital Hospice says, "We are thankful for both of these ladies and their role in the lives of our strong, vibrant, caring organization." The total earned for the quilt raffle was $793.00. The quilt rack was hand-crafted and donated by Mr. Gary A. Baker, Memorial Hospital’s CEO. Trudy says, "Many thanks to the community for their support throughout the year for hospice activities."     ...back to "In the News"

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