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Memorial Hospital Is Prepared for Storm Emergencies

The Memorial Hospital Emergency Management Committee gathered with hospital officials and managers in preparation for emergencies that could result from hurricane Sandy. Pictured, seated in front, from left, Deb Martin, RN, BSN, CCRN, Emergency Department Nurse Manager; Gary Engler, Director of Plant Operations and Lorraine Haines, RN, BSN, Assistant Director of Patient Care Services. Back row, from left, Gary A. Baker, President and CEO and Wendy Allen-Smith, Emergency Medical Services Manager.

Officials at Memorial Hospital are prepared for consequences that could occur because of the heavy rains and high winds predicted for the Northeast region as a result of hurricane Sandy.

Deb Martin, RN, BSN, CCRN, Memorial Hospitalís Emergency Management Coordinator, scheduled a meeting with hospital officials and managers early Monday morning to brief the staff on hospital preparedness topics.

In the event of an emergency situation, the hospital is prepared with staffing and supplies for the hospitalís medical/surgical unit, Skilled Nursing Unit, Personal Care Home, Critical Care Unit, Emergency Department and supporting department services.

Gary Engler, Director of Plant Operations, reports that the hospital has two separate electricity producing generators to supply the hospital with electricity in the event of a power outage. One generator operates with natural gas while the second generator is operated with diesel fuel.

Wendy Allen-Smith, EMS Manager, says the hospital has emergency back-up communication systems in place if needed. She said the EMS department will be getting regular updates from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association and EMS Strike teams are on standby and can be deployed at anytime. These teams are trained to respond to disasters and emergency situations.

The National Guard is available to transport essential patient care employees to the hospital if needed.

Supplies such as food, water, and pharmaceuticals are ample and expected to meet the needs of patients and employees in the event of an emergency.

Lorraine Haines, RN, BSN, Assistant Director of Patient Care Services reported that the County Emergency Management Agencies (EMA) have been diligently keeping the hospital abreast of storm conditions and resource information