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Memorial Hospital EMS STRIKE Team Deployed To New Jersey

Memorial Hospital EMS STRIKE Team
Deployed To New Jersey

This Memorial Hospital EMS STRIKE Team has been deployed to New Jersey for Search & Rescue along with 911 responses following the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy. The team is expecting a 3-5 day deployment. The STRIKE Team members are, from left, Evan Basse, Paramedic; Jordan Welch, EMT; William Welch, Paramedic; and Will Turner, EMT. The purpose of an EMS STRIKE Team is to provide transportation of patients from an area where local EMS agencies have become overwhelmed and unable to handle the amount of patients and/or requests related to specific situations. During this time, EMS STRIKE Teams are able to assist them to meet the needs of the community.     ...back to "In the News"

Press Release
November 1, 2012
Contact: Jeff Russell 268-2444