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Weight loss is a popular New Year's resolution - By Tim Zyla

One of the nation's most popular New Year's resolutions, losing weight, is proposed by many, but practiced by few.

The Daily Review is running a series of stories based around popular New Year's resolutions, and where to find local support to accomplish goals set by millions of Americans yearly.

For some, weight loss can appear to be more like climbing Mount Everest than an attainable goal. The key to success, however, may be finding local support in the community.

Registered dietician Susan White of Memorial Hospital is the director of a program called Health Management Resources, a lifestyle and weight loss program that is open to the public 18 years of age and older. White says her program is a success because, "It makes the patient accountable."

White helps set goals with patients and meets with them on a regular basis to receive updates and counsel the patient.

While holding a patient accountable is a way to motivate them, White explains that if a patient is not ready to lose the weight, it will never happen.

"There are what we call "stages of change" in my line of work, and there is a certain stage of readiness that must be achieved before a person is willing to make a commitment to weight loss because it is such a long term proposal," White explained.

White went on to say, "If the potential patient is ready for a lifestyle change, we recommend exercise whether it's at home or in a gym environment. I feel that gym fees motivate a person to exercise, because if they don't, they feel like they wasted the money."

If interested in the HMR program led by White, she can be reached at Memorial Hospital in Towanda at (570) 268-2343.

The Bradford County YMCA in Towanda has seen an increase in exercise activity since New Year's Day, which is certainly attributed to New Year's resolutions. Wellness Program Director Nicole Siedhof said, "(Since the new year) we have seen not only an increase in membership but an increase in activity." There are a large amount of programs the YMCA offers, including Zumba (which meets four days a week, six times total), spinning (exercise bike class), cardio fitness, yoga, and of course basketball and volleyball.

Membership at the YMCA is optional to attend the classes, but a nominal fee will be charged to non-members. For most classes, a single session as a non-member is $6. Membership to the YMCA is extremely flexible, with financial assistance offered to those in need. According to the website, "No one is ever denied membership due to the inability to pay."

For more information about the wellness program or membership rates, please contact the YMCA at (570) 268-9622 or visit them at 9 College Avenue in Towanda.

ProCare Physical Fitness & Performance in Athens offers a solution to those looking for weight loss programs in the Valley area. ProCare also offers locations in both Troy and Wyalusing.

Memberships begin at just $119 a year with a $49 first year enrollment fee. ProCare offers various types of exercise machines, weights, a new shake bar at the Athens location, and seven personal coaches to help tailor workouts to clients of all types.

Manager Britney Kolodziej noted, "We offer a state of the art facility that is not what you would expect in Bradford County. We recommend anyone interested in joining as a member to stop by and check it out."

ProCare also offers trial memberships to those interested in joining, but hesitant to commit to an entire year. For more information on ProCare, call (570) 888-0818 or stop by at 116 Walnut St. in Athens.

One of those most prominent weight loss support programs in Bradford County is TOPS Club Inc. TOPS is a support group that is run by its own members. According to Regional Coordinator Justin Bacon, there are groups that meet each week in Towanda, Troy, Athens, Rome, Waverly, Laceyville, and Dushore. "Each group that we have in Bradford County has approximately 10 to 20 members," Bacon said.

"The meetings that we hold each week all involve a weigh in, almost like the Biggest Loser TV show format. After the weigh in, it depends on the group leader as to what will take place at the meeting. Sometimes there will be exercise routines, and other times there will be informative nutritional discussions," Bacon explained.

Please contact Loretta Kukaites at (570) 265-5133 or Frannie Buchholz at (570) 265-8712 for information regarding TOPS.

Article by By Tim Zyla (Staff Writer)Daily Review Newspaper
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Press Release
January 12, 2013