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Memorial Hospital Financial Assistance

Memorial Hospital is committed to providing financial assistance or financial need discounts to patients who are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for government programs, and are otherwise unable to pay for necessary medical services. Memorial Hospital strives to ensure that the financial capacity of our patients does not prevent them from seeking or receiving medical care at Memorial Hospital.

Financial Aid Options

If you do not have health insurance or worry that you may not be able to pay for part or all of your care, one of these options may benefit you and your family.

  1. Apply for adult health benefits through Pennsylvania Medical Assistance. You can apply online at:
  2. Apply for children’s health benefits through Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can apply online at:
  3. Memorial Hospital provides financial aid to patients based on their income, assets, and financial needs. We will work with you to arrange a manageable payment plan.

For more information on any of these options, please contact the financial counseling office at 570-268-2261. We will treat your questions and any information you provide us with confidentiality and courtesy.

Patients seeking help are required to complete an application, and they must provide a denial letter from the appropriate medical assistance program and proof of income to confirm they do not exceed the federal poverty level guidelines. A customer service representative will help determine eligibility for government and community programs that may help cover medical expenses. 

You or your family member may also be eligible for one or more of these additional resources available to Pennsylvania state residents:


    Pennsylvania's program to provide health insurance to all uninsured children and teens who are not eligible for or enrolled in Medical Assistance. There are a lot of reasons kids might not have health insurance - maybe their parents lost a job, don't have health insurance at work or maybe it just costs too much. Many families receive CHIP coverage absolutely free. Annual income is what determines eligibility and even if you make more than the CHIP limits, you have the ability to still enroll and you may receive CHIP for low monthly payments and co-pays for select services. Whatever the reason, CHIP may be able to help. All families need to do is apply.
    Phone: 1-800-986-KIDS
    Website Application:

    Provides services that are not paid for under the Medical Assistance program to eligible persons with AIDS or Symptomatic HIV Disease. Offers programs to persons 21 or older with AIDS/HIV home healthcare services, nutritional consultation, nutritional supplements and specialized medical equipment and supplies.
    Phone: 717-705-8886

    Comprehensive Specialty Care provides comprehensive services to children with spina bifida, hemophilia, cardiac disorders, cleft palate, orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, as well as those with hearing and speech impairment and ventilator dependency. Also offers comprehensive services to children and adults with Cooley’s anemia, cystic fibrosis. Direct payment for services is available to enrolled clients per a fee schedule.
    Phone: 717-772-2762

    Provides payment for healthcare services on behalf of eligible low-income individuals and individuals with limited income and high medical expenses.
    Phone: 1-800-986-5437 – Health & Human Services Call Center
    Website: or
    PA DPW Helpline: 1-800-692-7462
    Apply Online:
    Provides transportation to medical services for Medical Assistance (MA) consumers who do not have other transportation available to them. The transportation services may include any of the following:
    • Tickets or tokens to ride public transportation
    • Mileage reimbursement for use of a private car
    • Paratransit services (for example, in a van)
      Contact: Local MATP provider
      Phone: See county listing at the end of this guide.
      PA DPW Helpline: 1-800-692-7462
      Website: www.
      Phone: 1-800-986-5437 – Health & Human Services Call Center
    Department of Public Welfare
    • SPBP 1: Helps eligible low- and moderate-income individuals and families pay for specific drug therapies and laboratory tests used for the treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS
      Contact: Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (for HIV diagnosis)
      Phone: 1-800-922-9384
    • SPBP 2: Helps eligible low- and moderate-income individuals and families pay for specific drug therapies and laboratory tests used for the treatment of persons with a DSM-IV diagnosis for schizophrenia.
      Contact: Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (for Schizophrenia diagnosis)
      Phone: 1-877-356-5355
    Behavioral Health Services provides services to help children, adolescents and adults to remain in their communities, including services for individuals with both mental health and substance abuse disorders. Behavioral Health Services provides services through community and hospital programs, including outpatient, partial, residential, short-term in-patient hospital care; emergency crisis intervention services; counseling, information, referral and case management services.
    Contact: Behavioral Health Services
    Phone: 717-787-6443
    Local Contact: Local county MH/MR
    Department of Public Welfare
    Child and Adolescent service system program provides community outreach services, including home and community behavioral health services. Also provides family-based rehabilitation services and residential treatment services for children/adolescents with serious emotional disturbances.
    Contact: Child and Adolescent Service System Program
    Phone: 717-787-1587
    Department of Health
    The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program provides free resources to assist Pennsylvanians in the effort to quit tobacco use. When compared with tobacco users who try to quit on their own, tobacco users who make quit attempts with telephone support and self-help advice are approximately twice as likely to be successful. The ‘Determined To Quit’ website provides additional resources and contact information for community-based programs.
    Contact: PA Free Quitline
    Phone: 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) or 1-866-228-4327 (TTY)
    Department of Public Welfare
    SelectPlan For Women is a women’s healthcare program from the state of Pennsylvania that provides: Free birth control
    • Free Pap tests
    • Free Breast exams
    • Free emergency contraception
    • Free HIV testing and counseling
    • Free STD testing and treatment
    • Confidential, convenient, quality care
    • You get to choose a participating provider
      Women 18-44 years of age, who are pregnant, have little or no insurance, are Pennsylvania residents and meet income and other guidelines may qualify.
      Contact: SelectPlan for Women
      Phone: 1-800-842-2020
    Department of Health
    Love’em with a Checkup assists low-income women and their families in obtaining prenatal care and related health and human services. Love’em with a Checkup provides general information and referral for Medical Assistance, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and adultBasic.
    Contact: Healthy Baby Helpline
    Phone: 1-800-986-BABY (1-800-986-2229) – Health & Human Services Call Center Website: or

This is an extensive but by no means comprehensive list of Pennsylvania Healthcare assistance. Additional information can be found in the Pennsylvania Health and Human Services Guide (available here). If you are uncertain or have questions about how to pay for services at Memorial Hospital, our Customer Services Representatives are available to answer your questions. You can reach our department by calling 570-268-2261.