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Diabetic Education Program

Diabetes Quiz: Are You At Risk?
  1. Do you feel hungry even after eating?
  2. Have you been feeling extremely tired?
  3. Have you been experiencing excessive thirst?
  4. Have you been experiencing frequent urination? Especially at night?
  5. Have you had episodes of blurred vision?
  6. If you can answer YES to any of these questions, see your physician!

Memorial Hospital's Wellness Center offers both individual diabetic education and monthly classes to those persons who are either new diabetics or have been a diabetic and would like to refresh your knowledge and update your information.

One of the best ways to face the challenges of diabetes is to understand the disease. These classes make it possible for professional diabetic instructors to interact on a very personal level with individuals who have diabetes. We will offer information and answer questions that will be helpful to the diabetic as well as their families.

Topics discussed may include dietary management, blood sugar control and monitoring, exercise, how to recognize complications like low blood sugar or high blood sugar, and foot and skin care for the diabetic. In addition, each participant will receive individual dietary counseling from a Registered Dietitian. The fee for the diabetic education is usually covered by insurance companies or Medical Assistance when patients are referred by their physician for instruction.

To register for the classes please call Susan White, RD at 570-268-2343.