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       Quality Healthcare In Your Home...
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Ask your doctor to refer you
to Memorial Hospital's Home Health and Hospice.

Healthcare Brought To You In The Comfort And Convenience Of Your Home

Skilled Services Include:

Nursing Services
  • Skilled assessment and observation
  • Wound care and instruction
  • Colostomy instruction, catheter, Foley catheter care and instruction
  • IV administration and instruction
  • Medication instruction
  • Disease management and instruction
  • Maternal/child care
  • Pain control
  • Home health aide services for personal care

Physical Therapy
  • Evaluate and instruct in therapeutic exercises, transfers, and gait training
  • Evaluate and instruct in use of prosthetic and assistive devices
Occupational Therapy
  • Evaluate abilities and instruct in activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals; provide instruction to perform cognitive exercises
  • Instruct activities to promote independence and use of adaptive equipment.
Speech Therapy
  • Evaluate and treat speech and/or language problems
  • Evaluate and treat swallowing disorders
Medical Social Services
  • Assess psychological and social needs
  • Long term planning
  • Assist with use of community resources
  • Provide short-term counseling

Medical care provided in the home is possible thanks to modern technology. The home environment can speed recovery and lift spirits. Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency is a part of Memorial Hospital, Towanda PA and can bring professional health care services into your home that extend from birth through every phase of life.

Services are available to residents in both Bradford and Sullivan Counties. Any resident in these counties may receive care even if you have not been a patient at Memorial Hospital. You must be under the care of a physician and require skilled services for a medical need on a periodic basis.

Image of service area

Referrals can be made by you, your family, your physician, a hospital social worker or other agencies.

Additional Services:

Short Procedures
Short Procedures are for patients who do not meet the medical need for skilled services. These are designed for the convenience of the patient or family. A brief visit to perform a simple procedure such as filling a pill box is an example of this service. These visits are not covered by insurance.

Hospice provides a team approach to caring for the terminally ill. The purpose is to provide an environment where patients and their families feel comfortable. The emphasis is on comfort, pain relief, and symptom control. Nursing care, spiritual care, economic and psychological counseling, companionship, bereavement support and other services as needed are available to establish each personís individual plan of care.

Most home health services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and other private or managed health care insurance plans. Benefits and eligibility are determined by the individual plans and may include a homebound requirement. Financial assistance may be available for patients requiring skilled services.

For further information about Home Health at Memorial Hospital, call 1-800-757-1764 or 265-4877.