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Advanced Pain Management Clinic

    Bruce H. Levin, MD

    Dr. Levin is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine; he is Board Certified in Pain Medicine. In addition, he is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with sub specialized fellowship training at New York University. He has extensive clinical experience and focuses his practice on the interventional treatment of complex pain syndromes and related disorders. He offers the most advance therapies to treat a wide variety of pain disorders.

    Dr. Levin's clinical interests include: spinal degenerative disease; migraine headaches; headaches; complex syndromes following spinal surgery of the back and neck; bulging discs; herniated discs; facet joint disease; neuralgias; complex regional pain syndromes; and numbness or weakness due to pathologies of the spine or nerves.

    As a skilled and experienced pain medicine interventionist, Dr. Levin evaluates each patient to determine the appropriate treatment options and provides individualized care. These treatment options may include: Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical epidural steroid injections utilizing targetDr Bruce Levin transforaminal techniques; lumber sympathetic blocks; sphenopalatine blocks; discography; precision joint injections; radiofrequency neuroablative procedures; peripheral or spinal cord stimulator trials and implants; foraminoplasty; and other patented advanced interventional procedures.

    Dr. Levin is available to see patients at Memorial Hospital.

Please call 570-268-4713 for an appointment.