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Speech Language Pathology (Speech Therapy)

Through referral from a physician, speech language pathology services are provided to individuals from infancy through geriatrics. Infants and toddlers may receive speech therapy if they have feeding and swallowing problems, or need assistance developing verbal communication. Preschool children may require some extra help to learn basic skills such as communicating needs and wants. School-age children often go to speech therapy to learn to correct articulation errors and improve language skills. Adults may see a speech therapist if they have voice problems or a brain injury that has affected communication or swallowing. Speech therapists also serve the geriatric population by addressing communication and swallowing difficulties after stroke or other illnesses.

Speech therapy services are provided by our experienced speech language pathologists in many settings including the outpatient clinic, Home Health, Hospice, hospital inpatients, Skilled Nursing Unit, and the early intervention program.

If you, or your child, have any of the following symptoms you may benefit from speech therapy:
  • developmental speech delay
  • swallowing or feeding difficulties
  • fluency (stuttering) disorders
  • voice disorders
  • articulation disorders
  • language disorders
  • oral motor deficits
  • cognitive delays

Your speech therapist will offer assistance with:
  • speech and language skills
  • listening and understanding
  • augmentative and alternative communication, such as sign language or using a communication device
  • swallowing and feeding disorders
  • cognitive skills including organization, memory, and word retrieval

For an evaluation and treatment plan to meet your personal needs, call Speech Language Pathology at 570-268-2385.